Register to Vote

Requirements To Register to Vote:

You must:

  •  be a United States citizen
  •  be 18 years of age on or before the day of the election
  •  be a resident of the State of California
  •  not be in prision or on parole for the conviction of a felony
  •  not judically determined to be incompetent to vote

You do not need to know how to read or write in English or any other language. No tests are given when you register to vote.

How To Register to Vote

To register to vote you must complete a brief voter registration application on paper or online. Click on the image below to register online at the California Secretary of State's Online Voter Registration website. 


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  • Reza Flores
    commented 2018-06-05 18:48:16 -0700
    It’s go time. This is huge for our city, county and State. Go out and support as we’re a local Long Beach business that really utilizes the city and what they offer.
  • Anonymous
    followed this page 2018-04-28 03:50:32 -0700
  • James Frederick
    commented 2017-11-21 03:49:01 -0800
    It is really important to vote, so you are able to get your word out. Even though you may hold views that cater to both Republicans, Democrats, Independents, or another voter or party, it is important to participate, so that your views are expressed. If you do not speak, I will listen to those who do speak. The same thing applies to me as I speak, others listen; however, if I did not speak, there would be no attention paid.


    Worker @